Sensory Dissonance

By lauralme

@versesinmotion #poetry

<Sensory Dissonance>

#art by @allan_higgins69

Tones amplitude deflecting frequencies 
Travelling asymmetrical sequences 

Harmonic sounds playing soul chords 
Wandering in the space of hidden words 

Exploratory stages of forgotten notes 
Semitones of diatonic scales lost in quotes 

Gyroscopic lines hitting heart vibes 
Trying to peak through repetitive scribes 

Spinning elliptic reactions 
Pushing infinity fractions

Sonority tensions stretching hopes 
Defining energy spectrum, pulling ropes 

Dissonant scenes of forever 
In the silent intensity of never 

#poem #art #instapoet #poetry #abstractart #instaartist #love #dissonance #forever #never

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