Trilingual digital transformation professional:

I believe in the power of words and images combined to define and deliver digital/social omni-channel media strategy.
My motto is: “Chasing the digital change, always in motion”.
Over 10 years experience, creating and defining digital strategy on a global scale and at regional level for big corporations – B2B and B2C.
My goal is to create meaningful, multi-channel user experiences by leveraging technology to develop creative strategy and content solutions that anticipate and respond to user behaviour.
I love leading creative teams through corporate digital projects, forming, hiring and training new talent internationally on a global and regional level.
My skills include digital and content strategy and one of my passions are emerging technologies, researching, exploring and leading the introduction of innovative ideas in mobile marketing with a focus on augmented reality and its implementation in today’s world of digital advertising and communications.
Trilingual English-Italian-French.

  • Forward-thinking creative digital and content strategist with deep knowledge of tools and techniques to analyse and report on consumer behaviour trends as well as competitors’ presence globally and locally (in three languages), brand strategy and content strategy
  • Delivering clients’ communications plans and briefs from start to finish: determining purpose, political, economic, social, technological factors and identifying strength, weakness, opportunity and threat
  • Establishing commercial objectives by leading clients’ workshops with internal senior management, teams and external stakeholders
  • Experienced with corporations in FMCG, travel, fashion and entertainment, creating and implementing global clients’ communications strategy within all aspects of digital communication for all departments of the business, including: Investor Relations, Regulatory Submissions, Sustainability, Careers, EVP and Code of Conduct
  • Delivering clients’ digital strategy from start to finish, leading internal teams through all steps of the process: content audit, stakeholders interviews, persona matrix,TOV, best practice (digital and social), guidelines, etc.
  • Author of the 4Is strategy: collating Media Planning and Content Strategy to identify ad-hoc solutions for all digital and social media purposes and for large scale digital transformation plans.
  • Creating and presenting pitch work to new and current clients and stakeholders
    Expertise in the digital ‘storyscaping” multimedia approach and in the implementation of emerging technology in mobile marketing

Experienced in analytics tools (Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics), web content management system, Mobile Apps, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Augmented Reality.


I am also a published author, writer, poet and Founder of ≈VersesInMotion≈ © ®

( @versesinmotion ) Owner/Publisher/Editor In Chief Spoken Word Recording Artist| Radio host Producer and founder of @VIMMedia ©)

What they say about me: 
Laura has always pushed the boundaries of poetry, pioneering the creation and the depth of a contemporary poetic style, melting musical vibes, breathtaking images and inspirational universal messages.
She sees Poetry as the exact reflected image of the soul, the representation of the inner parallel life. Poetry, to Laura, is much more than just a literary genre, more than writing or reading, it is the essence of our “being human”, a condition, a form of artistic expression, involving mind, heart and soul, a flow of inspirational waves, words, sounds, emotions,
memories, it’s instinctive and universal, it’s about colors and nuances of life events.
Laura started writing at the age of 13, at the same time when deeper and selected reading started… The first book she ever read, when she was 7, The Little Prince, by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry is still, to this very day, the one book she always recommends anyone to read, at any age.
“Sharing” is definitely one of Laura’s goals, and by sharing she does not only mean promote-spread the word about her own writing. She founded Verses In Motion in 1987 as an offline cultural group based in London, a few years later the web groups were created on FB, LinkedIn and Twitter. Today Verses In Motion web circles are followed by thousands of people.
Laura strongly believes that Artists must be messengers of love, peace, spirituality and activism in all fields of social awareness and she makes sure that all artists, at VIM groups, find a special, safe place where they can meet, share, inform, inspire.
This concept is also what Verses in Motion Show, is all about.
Music is essential to her creations, Laura’s recent work is an EP of poetry in music, “Absolute ° Gravity“ (Ultrasonic Music Germany), out now on all major digital stores, wonderful collaboration with Musicians/Producers Cass Ferre and Tom Cloverfield.
She’s also part of @PoeticBeatz, studio project founded in 2011, where Laura’s Verses In Motion meet Tom Cloverfield’s Ultrsonic music.
Listen to some of their creations on Fandalism 
“Words that should always stay with a poet and with all artists are: courage, humility, awareness, creative expression, support, respect, open heart and soul” LauraLME 
One of her publications “Verses In Motion” (VIM Media Publications), is a digital collection of poetry with the beautiful photography of Anna Simi.
The e-book is available on Amazon Kindle And on iTunes      
You can find Laura and her “Verses In Motion” on 
Twitter: @LauraLME @VersesInMotion @VIMMedia @DigitaldotWorld
FB: Group And FB Page her website/blog / YouTube 
Laura LME, forever a Peaceful Warrior!

Laura supports  Zen Army,  The Peace Project  and K.N.O.W. Foundation  Forever a Peaceful Warrior!

Click here to visit & Join VIM FB Group   

Click here to follow Laura on twitter 

A B S O L U T E  °  G R A V I T Y                                   


EP  INCLUDES THE LATEST SINGLE BY PoeticBeatz : “A b s o l u t e ° G r a v i t y “ 

A musical  journey that will take you from the conscious parts of your being, passing through the parallel lines of your soul,  leading you to the unconscious maze of dreams and to the waves “beyond” where “the invisible becomes essential”

Click here to read more reviews about Absolute ° Gravity 


Laura’s  first poetry book: Italian – English poetry “Se guardo dentro – If I look inside”  To buy your copy please contact: lauralme@versesinmotion.com

Artist’s Considerations/Statement   ≈ I feel the essence of my writing could be described as: ”sliding” into myself trying to find the “real me” keeping at the same time my eyes wide open on the  world and its wonders. ≈ 

I think this life is a passage through stormy and sunny places leading us to the light I have been searching since I was a little girl. I would like to learn more and share more through my verses.

I cannot really tell you the what or the how but I am sure that you will see in some of my verses the intricate maze of my journey and you will recognize the when and the why I felt my inner spiritual journey had to be explored even more to finally find the communion between mind, body and soul… Always looking for peace.

“I have always lived within two dimensions, two parallel lives (everyday anxiety and spiritual promenade)… in the middle of these two paths, I often felt inadequate and out of reach. With time,  I learned that they can flow together as long as my heart stays connected with my mind and as far as my soul will search for the “light”.

LauraLME’s Quotes

– “The real challenge is to “keep intact the invisible wire of communication” – 

“We learn to love and “share” … by sharing I mean whispering words of hope, silently writing verses of wisdom, letting people read our soul and meet our mind!

See my dear, you have just shared this story with me making me richer, making us both richer.” (from The Magic Book short story by Laura Mercurio Ebohon Copyright © 2009)


In Italiano


Scrivere (terapeutica scala verso il cielo), leggere, viaggiare, esplorare, catturare immagini, osservare misteri e miracoli della vita, e versi in movimento, adesso anche versi in musica!

Scrivere è un viaggio interiore,  ma anche una ricerca di percorsi nuovi mantenendo sempre gli occhi aperti sul mondo e le sue meraviglie, i suoi dolori , le speranze…

Ho sempre vissuto due dimensioni, due vite parallele (ansie quotidiane e passeggiate spirituali)… nel bel mezzo di questi due percorsi, mi sono spesso sentita inadeguata, lontana.

Con il tempo, ho imparato che queste due dimensioni possono coesistere e confluire, a patto che la mente rimanga connessa al cuore e che l’anima continui nella ricerca della “luce”

Credo che questa vita sia un viaggio-passaggio attraverso tempeste e giorni di sole, un continuo cambiamento di paesaggi che possiamo ammirare velocemente guardando fuori dal finestrino dell’anima, mentre l’auto scorre veloce sull’autostrada della vita …  Papà me lo diceva sempre: “Non sai mai quando arriverai veramente… Devi gioire del tempo che impieghi, ridere con il sole in fronte ed emozionarti,  come gocce di pioggia  sul viso, sentire tutto l’amore che puoi sulle onde di un mare di musica…”  

La vera sfida è “mantenere intatto l’invisibile filo della comunicazione” …
“Impariamo ad amare e condividere… sussurrando parole di speranza, scrivendo in silenzio versi di saggezza, permettendo la lettura della nostra anima e l’incontro con la nostra mente!
Vedi, mia cara, tu hai appena condiviso la lettura di questo libro con me rendendomi più ricca, rendendo entrambe più ricche….”

Frase tratta dal racconto breve: “Il libro magico”
di Laura Mercurio Ebohon Copyright © 2009

Laura Mercurio Ebohon
Copyright © 2009

Il primo libro di Laura, il suo esordio letterario è una raccolta di poesie in italiano e inglese, dal titolo

“Se guardo dentro – If Iook inside” ed è al momento disponibile esclusivamente per ordini via email 

scrivete a info@versesinmotion.com per comprare la vostra copia

Il nuovo libro di Laura sarà in “digitale” … 

“Ballo e sento il fuoco dentro
Fiamme come lame
Ballo e respiro,
Aria di gelsomini e brezza di primavera.
Ballo e le note mi suonano l’anima.
Onde che profumano di mare!
Ballo e sono leggera,
Foglia che stenta a toccare il suolo,
Ballo e fuori piove,
si abbassano le fiamme
E si spegne il fuoco dentro…”

Copyright 2009 LME
All rights reserved



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