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Got my Mojoe back – new podcast

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@lauralme and #hiphop #soul band @mojoefamily attempt to break the walls of #space and #time through #organic #conversations and #hypnotic #frequencies #challenging all limitations of #soulful #expressions

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Verses In Motion w/ DJ Disciple

DJ Disciple on Verses In Motion

On this episode of @VersesInMotion on @getyourz_radio – @lauralme talks to @DjDiscipleNYC who takes us on a journey through the house music scene in NYC, London and Italy from the early 90’s
Mix by Dj @FabrySaxa closing the interview.
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by @LauraLME ©

Layers of tainted skin
like gathered fabric

pleated by time into ruffles of sin

Where guilt slowly infiltrates
subtle, sharp needles

sewing yarn of sorrow and regrets.

Fragile conscience,
blind to the spiritual nature of forgiveness,

The Holy gift of departing memories from pain.

Looking for the light of divine power
holding on to the belief that beyond life,

on the other side of these walls of time,

over the bridge of death,

under these dark tunnels of despair,

through the maze of convictions,

eternal flames of Faith,

burn vivid and strong,

showing us the road to Salvation.

In an ethereal journey back to Life
we walk the streets of redemption,

Where we talk without words,

we see the invisible,

we breath Eternity,

In the screaming light of Resurrection.


There is a place…

BW primrosemovie primrose

Rays primrosePrimrose

 @LauraLME ~ Verses In Motion ~ Digital #Poetry – #Photography ~ All Rights Reserved.

There is a place where we meet
walking slowly towards each other,
A place where we have always been,

In a different time and space
With the same beats,
like blades, cutting the soul in ribbons.

There is a place,

Where we break the walls of pain,
Feeling touch of snow
and rain drops on our faces.

There is a moment, round and perfect,

In that bouncing bubble

our hearts make a sound
Our souls meet
in a rainbow arch,

sliding on diamond ice,

jumping on green memories,

dancing on calm waters.

There is a place where we run,

on puddles of mistakes
through hot streets of fire,
taking us to crossroads of danger,

Where dust and wind play
following each other
between deep ravines
and fresh waterfalls!