Gestures: heritage and tradition

“Capissce a mmè? Do you understand me?”

Congrats to Anna Simi on the recent release of her photographic project and book “Capissce a mmè? Do you understand me?”
Original images of gestures by Bari (Apulia – Italy) natives represented in this unique promenade through heritage and tradition!
Entertaining, funny and so true.

Anna Simi’s “Capissce a mmé?” is not only a book of photography, it is also an accurate study of the cultural and etymological origins of the traditional gestures inherited by the people of Bari.
“Capissce a mmé?” follows the great success of the exhibition launched in 2014 in Bari, later exported to other European cities.
This project was born in the old city of Bari, where the characters of the photographs currently live and hand down their legacy to the new generations including legends, traditions and native customs.
The gestures, interpreted by the protagonists featured in this book, represent their whole world of impromptu expressions, memories and quotes that the author studied and researched to get to the roots of their meaning.
Anna Simi’s work enhances the link between words and gestures which blossom into a new linguistic code.
The physical expressions captured in Anna’s photographs become strategically instrumental in the research phases of this project and help the public’s interest build up to the final discovery of the meaning of the gestural language.
In this project, words and their representation in images complement each other. The purpose of Anna’s work is to capture the reader’s attention, igniting the spirit of belonging as well as the instinctive will of preserving popular traditions, often neglected and forgotten.
This documentary mission by Anna Simi pushes the linguistic boundaries, transposing words and images in another language, crossing the cultural barriers of a project deeply rooted in its native origins.

Written in Bari dialect, Italian and English and of course filled with Anna’s talent for portrait photography – Looking forward to hearing about the London presentation soon!


#AThousandSilentWords #VersesInMotion part 3


on this bridge
crossing over life
Spatial excess
the extension of us
fluid and flexible
against the rigid chords of time.
Listening to thoughts
breathing ideas,
virtual reality our dreams
floating on waves of disbelief
landing on proposed realities…

Excerpt from “Floating”

#versesinmotion #AThousandSilentWords #poetryoftheunsaid

Laura≈LME ©

#VersesInMotion #AThousandSilentWords


Let's keep it %22human%22

Fighting pain
winning space
in that eternal moment:
When all stands still,
dangerously fixed
on the walls of time.

Endlessly walking,
inverted pendulum of hopes,
losing faith
in circles of revelations
when all around is turning,
spinning fast
in everlasting spirals…

Excerpt from “Strength”

#versesinmotion #AThousandSilentWords #poetryoftheunsaid

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The sound of silence

Blanket of nullity,
no time,
it invades the space
swallows the voice
suffocates words
crushes the heart.

Soul’s cords vibrate
with no sound.
Only the blowing wind
in the chorus of wing-beats
through bare branches
on a carpet of leaves
of a winter garden

Rigid of ice and frost
enchanted, taciturn
Icy colored flowers.
Sound waves
in a tissue of cries

and through the cold walls
of uncertain times
the sound of silence
screams again.

Il suono del silenzio

La coltre del nulla,
senza tempo
invade lo spazio
ingoia la voce
soffoca le parole
stritola il cuore

Vibrano le corde dell’anima
nessun suono
solo i soffi del vento
in cori di battiti d’ali
tra rami spogli,
su tappeti di foglie
di un giardino d’inverno

rigido di gelo e brina
incantato e taciturno
Fiori color ghiaccio,
onde sonore,
infiltrate in un tessuto di urla,
rimangono prigioniere
e tra le mura fredde
di una sera incerta,
il suono del silenzio grida ancora.

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We will talk about 3step, waltz, and we’ll listen to some of the tracks from his amazing new album out now on his FutureWaltz label: “Revolt”

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