@versesinmotion #poetry
#art by @allan_higgins69

My name is love,
my colour is red.
Vivid drops of ruby
poured over dark skies
crying showers of light
cutting through shadows,
winds of flames
burning sorrow.

My name is pain,
my colour is yellow.
Veins of flowing liquid
carving deep slopes,
sharp needles
In the cavities of time.

My name is hope,
my colour is green.
Wires of metallic nets
projecting rays of faith,
whispering prayers.

My name is strength,
my colour is power.
Shades of acceptance,
nuances of resilience
meeting depth of beliefs.
Echoing peace,
colouring brushes of hope,
painting the canvas of life.

🙏🏻 #prayingforpeace

Sensory Dissonance

By lauralme

@versesinmotion #poetry

<Sensory Dissonance>

#art by @allan_higgins69

Tones amplitude deflecting frequencies 
Travelling asymmetrical sequences 

Harmonic sounds playing soul chords 
Wandering in the space of hidden words 

Exploratory stages of forgotten notes 
Semitones of diatonic scales lost in quotes 

Gyroscopic lines hitting heart vibes 
Trying to peak through repetitive scribes 

Spinning elliptic reactions 
Pushing infinity fractions

Sonority tensions stretching hopes 
Defining energy spectrum, pulling ropes 

Dissonant scenes of forever 
In the silent intensity of never 

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Quantum Shift

@versesinmotion #poetry

#art by @allan_higgins69

Rapid changes turning the wheel of time 
transmuting purity into meanders of crime 

Transforming flames into menacing fires 
Reaching altitudes of hopes thin like wires 

Opening unknown portals and wounds of lost wars 
Shutting down windows of tomorrows locking doors 

Shaking the core of towers at the centre of our realm
Covering ruins of scattered words with blankets of calm 

Receding waves deleting sand shapes opening old scars 
Attempting the final extinction of our unborn stars 

#poem #art #quantumhealing #shift #changes #transmutation
#energy #love #storm

Tilting Journey

by lauralme

#art by @allan_higgins69


Trains of thoughts increasing speed
On rails of timelines advancing greed

Through portals of cosmic frames
Sound waves crushing against predicted games

Bending events in our magnetic field
Advancing doubts waiting for truths revealed

Inclining forces, pushing heart rate
Travelling the tracks of our silent fate

Cutting through tree roots
Drawing maps of words bearing fruits

Feeding hungry soul impulses
Expanding pending wishes and hidden pulses

Sliding between dreams and reality
Kinetic energy killed by vanity

Ego projections rolling in wheels of fears
Visions of unknown paths beyond forbidden frontiers


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Path Length

@versesinmotion #poetry

——Path Length——

#art by @allan_higgins69


Unpredictable trajectories
Drawn by abstract memories
Of non-time moments
Filled with denial components

Path length of lifelines
Increasing rate of wishes declines
Stuck in forests of sorrows
Blinded wishes hidden by tomorrows

Soul brushes painting bridges
Life hands blowing off switches
Visions through shooting stars
Compass of dreams falling in your arms


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Cosmic Rains

#art created by @allan_higgins69

@versesinmotion #poetry

Washing the walls of ego convictions
In self-made fortress of private prisons
Mediating between conscious fears
And matrix mazes of tears

Walking pavements of blades
Shining images of broken words
Playing old sounds, with each drop it fades
Streets showing new paths, truth swords

Cutting invisible chains
Bleeding lies in soul drains
Shedding layers of earthly pains
Moving forward soaked in cosmic rains

#poem #cosmic #portals VS #matrix #maze #awakening #ascension

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Bambine 1 bambine 4

bambine Purple effectbambine 6


Drifting into sleep

finding soul cords and vibrations,

looking inside the maze of my heart

where beats connect to breathing

following the path of never

Resting my mind from this anxious time


through the highs of skies and the lows of dusty lands

Jumping on clouds

pouring rain drops and heavy thoughts

on muddy puddles of memories

Fragile dreams,

Pure visions,

shattered on shining trails of stardust

places, faces

slow motion, sequence of impossible events

Timeless parade of pacing words and frames

walking through nights of fire and stormy days of wonder

in a soft bubble of hopes and fears,

“where the invisible becomes essential.”

The Peace Project’s 5th Annual Call-for-Artists is now open!


Art Submitted by: rhfactor

NOW OPEN!!!  The Peace Project’s 5th annual Call-for-Artists

Asking artists worldwide to show us where Peace starts. Is Peace born out of love, community, in the innocence of a child or the beauty of nature? How can we end the senseless war and embrace equality for all? 

In four short years, The Peace Project, supported by artists and others, has:

  • Educated dozens of children in Sierra Leone, Africa.

  • Distributed 10,000 pairs of crutches to amputees, war victims, polio survivors and mothers and children in Sierra Leone on World Peace Day, 2011.

  • Designed a Peace Museum in Sierra Leone in conjunction with the United Nations.

  • Created and produced Peace Tips, specially designed crutch tips that last one year, extend the life of crutches and greatly improve mobility for users.

  • And currently, we’re building 40 houses and a community center in the Philippines for victims of Typhoon Haiyan.  A total of 200 are planned.

”Our work proves that we can change the world if we join hands, think creatively and take action.”

Please Join Us! And to Submit Your Art and for more info visit “the whole9”