#photography by @rockin_sminna

Electrically charged particles

Hours like constant needles
piercing through thin paper skies

Nuclear fusion of sun rays 
hidden by layers of colours

Between cosmic reasons of denial 

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~ VersesInMotion~ Digital Poetry ~ Photographyย  ยฉ All Rights Reservedย 


By Laura LMEย  ยฉ

My name is love,ย 
my colour is red.ย 
Vivid drops of ruby
poured over your skin,
showers of ink and paint
dominated by shadows,ย 
in the light of antic flames
burning your heart!

My name is pain,ย 
my colour is orange.ย 
Veins of flowing fluid
deep slopes of sharpness,
in the cavities of time
pressing against your organs,ย 
extracting bitter tears
contracting your heart.

My name is hope,ย 
my colour is yellow.
Wires of metallic nets
needles of faith,
spread around you
thin rays of thunder,
conducting electricity
empowering your mind.

My name is strength,ย 
my colour is power!ย 
Shades of acceptance,ย 
nuances of fight
depth of belief,
brushes of inspiration
dipped in beauty,
painting the canvas of life!