“Got My Mojoe Back” EP 2 with Jon Deas

Episode 2 of our new podcast is streaming now on @spotify :: @mojoefamily x @deas_on_keyz x @lauralme 

Excited to announce Episode 2 of “Got My Mojoe Back” powered by @versesinmotion

In episode 2 @Mojoefamily & @LauraLME talk to Jon Deas, award winning musician.

Tune in to this great convo with one of the best musicians in the world and one of the co-producers of our upcoming album #AncientFutureSoul 

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< Ancient.Future.Soul. > #newalbum that pushes the boundaries of #modern #r&b and #soulmusic

“Got My Mojoe Back” new podcast powered by Verses In Motion

Streaming now on Spotify

Excited to announce Episode 1 of “Got My Mojoe Back” powered by @versesinmotion

In episode 1, the creators of this #newpodcast, @Mojoefamily & @LauraLME dive into Mojoe’s journey from their debut #album Classic.Ghetto.Soul.
to their highly anticipated #upcoming #release Ancient.Future.Soul.

Along with mapping out their origins and time with #MathewKnowles Music World label,
@Mr_EasyLee and @Trelovesupreme recount the communal environment they created at #electricdeluxerecorders in #Austin #Texas to birth a #newalbum that pushes the boundaries of #modern #r&b and #soulmusic

Quantum Shift

@versesinmotion #poetry

#art by @allan_higgins69

Rapid changes turning the wheel of time 
transmuting purity into meanders of crime 

Transforming flames into menacing fires 
Reaching altitudes of hopes thin like wires 

Opening unknown portals and wounds of lost wars 
Shutting down windows of tomorrows locking doors 

Shaking the core of towers at the centre of our realm
Covering ruins of scattered words with blankets of calm 

Receding waves deleting sand shapes opening old scars 
Attempting the final extinction of our unborn stars 

#poem #art #quantumhealing #shift #changes #transmutation
#energy #love #storm

Paragliding Dreams

@versesinmotion #poetry

<< Paragliding dreams >>

#photography by @rockin_sminna

Aerodynamic forces 
against high-pressure zones 
made of fragile wires 
fighting thoughts like heavy stones 

Forward movements 
fuelled by hope
stalled by time
wings opposing air streams 
open wide to catch paragliding dreams 

#paragliding #dreams #hope #divinetiming #dreamcatcher #wings #soaring #flying #poetry #photography #versesinmotion #sea #seaside #bari #apulia

Stargate Magnitude

Colliding portals of infinite tomorrows
Through twin trees’ shadows

Walking unknown dimensions
Familiar places
Watching waves of faces
Looking for soul traces

Seeing overarching rainbows 
Guiding me home
Non time layers applied

And once cubical piece of an earthly puzzle
I become elliptic tesserae of divine mosaics
Arrowed down into corridors of silky walls
Head up to roofs of stardust bricks
Cosmic thresholds
Opening stargates
And magnitude of unexpected miracles

@versesinmotion #poetry

#photography by @rockin_sminna


Every(no)thing – VersesInMotion copyright 2021

Micro dimensional structure

Layers of time

Bringing waves of silence

Travelling spaces of nothing

Where we stand still against the walls of denial


Moving slowly at times

Through slits of hope

Wishing tomorrows

In corridors of shut doors

Compact darkness and fluid light

In a vortex of words

In a tunnel of swords

Pointing at shadows of us

Dividing tissues

Cutting whispers

While we scream taciturn forevers

In a bubble of breaths and wishes

Crashed by doubts

And moon tides grow Our sea

Of impossibilities

Drowning fast in the abyss of never

Where every(no)thing roots invade our soil

Forever always

Forever always

We don’t have forever,

As we don’t have nows


Sunny mornings building days on bricks of hope


afternoon promenades raining sunsets

Opening evening curtains behind windows of words

We don’t have forever 

As we don’t have nows 


Nights of soft whispers and windy moonlights


dawns piercing skies of tomorrows

We don’t have forever

But forever, we’ll have always

in every eternal moment of our missing nows

#madeitback with Antonio Liranzo

Brand New series #MadeItBack presented to you by Verses In Motion Host Laura LME 
On this episode Laura welcomes Author, Dancer, Creative,
Antonio Liranzo.
Antonio shares stories about how he deals with anxiety, having the corona virus at a time when it was all brand new to everyone in NY, darkness and finding light again. You can read his new book “Falling Angel: Rising Phoenix” (available at Barnes & Nobel and Amazon) which is a book of poems written by Antonio that touch on these same topics. 
* Background music provided by Dj Fabry Saxa
* Music and production of #MadeItBack curated by: Uncle E
* You can visit us at: www.getyourzradio.com