Tilting Journey

by lauralme

#art by @allan_higgins69


Trains of thoughts increasing speed
On rails of timelines advancing greed

Through portals of cosmic frames
Sound waves crushing against predicted games

Bending events in our magnetic field
Advancing doubts waiting for truths revealed

Inclining forces, pushing heart rate
Travelling the tracks of our silent fate

Cutting through tree roots
Drawing maps of words bearing fruits

Feeding hungry soul impulses
Expanding pending wishes and hidden pulses

Sliding between dreams and reality
Kinetic energy killed by vanity

Ego projections rolling in wheels of fears
Visions of unknown paths beyond forbidden frontiers


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Path Length

@versesinmotion #poetry

——Path Length——

#art by @allan_higgins69


Unpredictable trajectories
Drawn by abstract memories
Of non-time moments
Filled with denial components

Path length of lifelines
Increasing rate of wishes declines
Stuck in forests of sorrows
Blinded wishes hidden by tomorrows

Soul brushes painting bridges
Life hands blowing off switches
Visions through shooting stars
Compass of dreams falling in your arms


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Cosmic Rains

#art created by @allan_higgins69

@versesinmotion #poetry

Washing the walls of ego convictions
In self-made fortress of private prisons
Mediating between conscious fears
And matrix mazes of tears

Walking pavements of blades
Shining images of broken words
Playing old sounds, with each drop it fades
Streets showing new paths, truth swords

Cutting invisible chains
Bleeding lies in soul drains
Shedding layers of earthly pains
Moving forward soaked in cosmic rains

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Astral Parallelism

#poetry and #photography

✨Astral Parallelism✨

Linear events without reason
No cause or effect
Happening like pattern disconnect
In the fabric of life curtains
Heart bruises and soul burdens

Parallel moments of eternity
Of non-eternal synchronicity
Quickly sliding rain windows
Deep diving in waters of sorrows

Astral rides on summer stars
Escaping prisons with invisible bars
Meeting at words corners
Magnetic pavements holding forces

Serendipity sparks crushed by stones
Run over by the wheels of time
Taken by dusty winds of memories
Revealing fake dreams and unsaid goodbyes

#acausal #parallelism #synchronicity #astralprojection #serendipity #love #lovestory #lovepoem #poem #versesinmotion

Paragliding Dreams

@versesinmotion #poetry

<< Paragliding dreams >>

#photography by @rockin_sminna

Aerodynamic forces 
against high-pressure zones 
made of fragile wires 
fighting thoughts like heavy stones 

Forward movements 
fuelled by hope
stalled by time
wings opposing air streams 
open wide to catch paragliding dreams 

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Stargate Magnitude

Colliding portals of infinite tomorrows
Through twin trees’ shadows

Walking unknown dimensions
Familiar places
Watching waves of faces
Looking for soul traces

Seeing overarching rainbows 
Guiding me home
Non time layers applied

And once cubical piece of an earthly puzzle
I become elliptic tesserae of divine mosaics
Arrowed down into corridors of silky walls
Head up to roofs of stardust bricks
Cosmic thresholds
Opening stargates
And magnitude of unexpected miracles

@versesinmotion #poetry

#photography by @rockin_sminna


Every(no)thing – VersesInMotion copyright 2021

Micro dimensional structure

Layers of time

Bringing waves of silence

Travelling spaces of nothing

Where we stand still against the walls of denial


Moving slowly at times

Through slits of hope

Wishing tomorrows

In corridors of shut doors

Compact darkness and fluid light

In a vortex of words

In a tunnel of swords

Pointing at shadows of us

Dividing tissues

Cutting whispers

While we scream taciturn forevers

In a bubble of breaths and wishes

Crashed by doubts

And moon tides grow Our sea

Of impossibilities

Drowning fast in the abyss of never

Where every(no)thing roots invade our soil

Forever always

Forever always

We don’t have forever,

As we don’t have nows


Sunny mornings building days on bricks of hope


afternoon promenades raining sunsets

Opening evening curtains behind windows of words

We don’t have forever 

As we don’t have nows 


Nights of soft whispers and windy moonlights


dawns piercing skies of tomorrows

We don’t have forever

But forever, we’ll have always

in every eternal moment of our missing nows

Time Capsule

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 1.28.17 AM.png

~ Chaotic Structure ~ #ebook #VersesInProgress by @LauraLME 

Long summer nights, thrown against the walls of time

Salty of sea breeze and tears

Wrapped up in waves of foamy water, under a red moon


Lazy Burraco afternoons, waiting for a new sunset

Slow conversations sticking on sugary tables of limoncello

Yellow patches dried up like sunny circles of regrets


Glorious mornings of awakenings, inside espresso cups

Smiles like “it’s always Sunday tomorrow”


Sparkles of light from jewellery and squashed cans

Glitters of momentary glitches in the system of life

Collapsing in wet castles of sand and tellina shells


Ferragosto of endless lunches and new friends

Hearts beating against notes, sung at the top of our lungs

Landing on pieces of glass and soul fragments


My mother’s eyes twin lakes of love, smiling reflections of forever

Holding my father’s hand in timeless promenades

I still see them, infinite tenderness of silent words



You were not here yet, wrapped up in the dream of tomorrow

Sculptured in marble memories


Encapsulated axes of a cylinder with curvilinear memories

Meeting at the origin of all those dreams, all those times,

When I was waiting for you!






Words like unconscious breeze,

Insinuations of unknown secrets

Shared through the walls of time.

Whispered through the trees Of our forests of sorrows

Us, Careless Inhabitants Of a land that does not forgive…

Wind of rebellious changes Blowing strong in circles of fire

Flames like hopes becoming bigger

Trying to fight the waters of pain

Our hands in prayers Wet of tears,

Every drop a new rain Falling on this army of souls,

Marching restlessly

Looking for answers, wishing for peace.

Silent whispers, no vibrations

Whispers like silk and velvet,

Covering blankets of tomorrows

Hiding colors of rainbows In the deep wounds of our sky

Slashed by the almighty wings of Angels,

Embracing us,

Trying to heal the cuts Filling the voids

But We are all feathers

Quick flashes of lightning Running through the tunnel of life.

Our strength is a small candle

Consumed by the years Passing by, like sand, through the bulbs of an hourglass.

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