“Got My Mojoe Back” EP 2 with Jon Deas

Episode 2 of our new podcast is streaming now on @spotify :: @mojoefamily x @deas_on_keyz x @lauralme 

Excited to announce Episode 2 of “Got My Mojoe Back” powered by @versesinmotion

In episode 2 @Mojoefamily & @LauraLME talk to Jon Deas, award winning musician.

Tune in to this great convo with one of the best musicians in the world and one of the co-producers of our upcoming album #AncientFutureSoul 

#LetsGeauxGetIt #soul #rnb #HipHop #texas #music #poetry #songwriter #GotMyMojoeBack @versesinmotion 

< Ancient.Future.Soul. > #newalbum that pushes the boundaries of #modern #r&b and #soulmusic


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